Monday, March 10, 2008

News: BT discuss link up with Oak on YES! project


BT is working with developers Oak Holdings on the design and development of the £300 million technology-driven YES! project in Rotherham. The companies have signed a memorandum of understanding and a letter of intent is in place enabling BT to collaborate with Oak to advise on how its networked IT services and research and development capability can be integrated and showcased in the project. BT is also providing technical support to the design team and they are considering installing a showcase on site to show visitors - including representatives of companies attending conferences - how the technology they are using works. YES! will feature hotels, spa and health facilities, retail stores, indoor and outdoor extreme sports facilities, a conference and exhibition centre, and a purpose-built ice hockey arena and BT's Neil Page said that "YES! will feature a range of sporting facilities - including extreme sports such as an artificial rock face with a waterfall - that are not available elsewhere. The centrepiece is a diving facility in the form of a 50-metre high glass tube filled with water."


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