Friday, June 20, 2008

News: 3D stands out longer for South Yorkshire Firms


A pioneering business aid project to help South Yorkshire firms take advantage of new interactive 3D imaging technology is to be extended following significant take up by firms in the region. The LETS (Leading Edge Technology Solutions) project, funded by the Objective 1 regeneration fund and based in Doncaster, has helped scores of small and medium sized companies to access innovative 3D applications for marketing, product development and built environment design since it was launched in 2006. Originally scheduled to end in June, the LETS project has been extended until the end of September as a result of business interest fostered by recent Hollywood 3D blockbusters such as Beowulf and increasing use of 3D visuals on commercial websites. LETS business development manager Helen Richardson said: “The LETS project allows small and medium-sized firms to explore and understand commercial use of 3D visualisation without any hard sell. Companies soon discover just how effective 3D can be in cutting production costs through ‘virtual’ prototypes and boosting sales through eye-catching 3D sales support applications. “Over the past two years, commercial interest in business applications of 3D technology has grown rapidly as new internet and computer applications are developed. “For example, we first previewed commercial use of ‘no-glasses’ 3D TV screens to South Yorkshire companies over 12 months ago. Costs are going down all the time and they may well become a fixture in the average living room within three or four years.”
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