Friday, June 20, 2008

News: NAMTEC on show in Europe


The Star reports that NAMTEC, the Rotherham-based National Metals Technology Centre has demonstrated their innovative technology projects at a huge trade fair in Hannover, Germany. Alongside partners from Strathclyde University, the Fruanhofer Institute, Contour Fine Tooling and Pascoe Engineering, NAMTEC demonstrated the Masmicro project, established in 2004 to develop an integrated manufacturing facility for the mass manufacture of miniature/micro-products. By developing new technology and techniques the project will greatly reduce costs and equipment size for the manufacture of miniature and micro components for the electronics, automotive, aerospace, automation and medical sectors. The project is making great headway in developing not just new machine tools, but also new tooling technology, greater understanding of material behaviours at nano scales, new design and analysis methods, and measurement and inspection technology. NAMTEC marketing co-ordinator Nicola Radford told The Star: "This was the second international event for the Masmicro project and a great chance for companies from the UK and across to world to demonstrate how the technology is helping them develop innovative new concepts and prototypes. "We had a tremendous response both from exhibitors and delegates and the seminars encouraged in depth discussion and sharing of information."


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