Tuesday, July 15, 2008

News: Net Result Rotherham - A brand new digital publication for business in South Yorkshire


Another first for Rotherham as Net Result the borough’s very own digital business magazine delivered straight to your inbox, goes live online at http://www.netresultmagazine.co.uk/. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur in South Yorkshire, now you can bring your business to life; inform, educate and captivate your potential customers by being seen in the digital edition of Net Result Rotherham. The project launched by Rotherham based My Favourite Publications has teamed up with the award winning Rothbiz news blog to bring you a wealth of information about the achievements of businesses in the region. Publisher Steve Hartley said "Net Result Rotherham brings a new dimension to business in South Yorkshire, this is an exciting project, highlighting the successes of young entrepreneurs and established companies alike." Rothbiz established last November, has reached the milestone of 400 posted articles in an extremely successful first eight months of operating. Bringing its readers the positive news articles on business, the economy, commercial property and regeneration in Rotherham, Rothbiz creator, Tom Austen commented: "To reach 400 posts in eight months is fantastic, and testament to the success of the business sector in Rotherham. Plenty of people have told me that they never knew how much was going on in Rotherham and Rothbiz is another way of getting the message out there. Working with Net Result Rotherham magazine now gives an added bonus to the our readers."

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