Wednesday, July 16, 2008

News: Rotherham young people’s stunning town centre art pieces unveiled


The creative efforts of more than 1,000 Rotherham young people have been unveiled in the town centre. The striking artwork will form a part of the borough’s history as the first piece of art in the ambitious Rotherham Renaissance programme – part of Yorkshire Forward’s Renaissance towns initiative. 22 Rotherham schools, colleges and youth centres took part in the biggest public project of Renaissance so far. The project was carried out jointly by the Renaissance team and Rotherham Ready and moved on a stage to involve the three Rotherham Colleges, Rotherham College of Arts and Technology, Dearne Valley College and Thomas Rotherham College. Every child’s piece of art was used to form three large scale photo mosaics – covering in total 48 panels of the hoardings standing around All Saints’ Building in the town centre. Leader of the council Cllr Roger Stone said: "I was delighted by this project because of the enthusiasm and optimism it shows coming from our young people. The Renaissance programme is a 25 year plan so will mainly benefit these age groups and it was not only encouraging to see the excitement surrounding what’s being built now like the new shop units, flats and leisure complex, but also their pride for Rotherham’s past and great faith in the town’s future. These pupils show what Rotherham is all about – great ambassadors for a great town."


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