Wednesday, September 3, 2008

News: From Parkgate to Bahrain for u-explore


The Yorkshire Post profiles Rotherham-based entrepreneur, Andy Pickles, as his award-winning education business enters an exciting new era. Andy hopes that the interactive u-explore software currently on offer to more than 70,000 students in secondary schools in Doncaster, Sheffield and Rotherham, will transform the way children look at the world of work. Developed through Investors in Education, part of The Music Factory Entertainment Group, the software business has been established as a separate firm thanks to the backing of a new investor. The software aims to change the perceptions of business amongst students and the technology includes profiles of local businesses and inspiring stories which are used as case studies for different sectors. Videos and information highlight who works there, what it’s like and what qualifications are needed. The profile also discusses Andy's musical successes which range from Jive Bunny to The Tidy Boys. The article discusses the potential link up with Pearson Education, the world's largest education publisher, and the export of u-xplore software to the Middle East. Andy told The Yorkshire Post: "What started in Rotherham is going to Bahrain. "From the back streets of Parkgate we have done well. When we started doing Jive Bunny, people said it would never work, and when we went into education, our bank said, "What are you doing?"
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