Wednesday, September 3, 2008

News: Yorkshire folk favour the local flavour


Creative Sheffield report on the recent survey conducted by Rotherham firm, Yorkshire Crisps, where researchers found that over 70% of Yorkshire folk preferred the Yorkshire Crisps’ flavours when compared with a national, well-known brand. The blind taste-test took place at Meadowhall Shopping Centre during a food focused week which saw celebrity chef James Martin cooking some adventurous dishes for shoppers. Feedback from those questioned to describe Yorkshire Crisps included: "better taste and flavour", "thicker", "crunchier", "less salty" and "how I expect a crisp to be". The Yorkshire Crisps survey results also revealed that 96% of people questioned would rather support local producers, such as the Waleswood based Yorkshire Crisps, than large corporate businesses. Tony Bishop, Managing Director of Yorkshire Crisps said: "Based on appearance, taste and aroma, I’m delighted that our convivial crisps are favoured over a national well-known crisp brand. Larger companies who are able to distribute on a larger scale often have a higher profile, however these landslide survey results demonstrate that supporting local food brands isn’t just important for the local economy, but local produce tastes better too!"
Yorkshire Crisps website
Creative Sheffield article


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