Tuesday, September 9, 2008

News: Rotherham teenagers helping surfing safer


The South Yorkshire Times reports on a group of teenagers who worked with police to develop computer software which blocks internet users from visiting inappropriate websites. The SurfM8 software was developed during the summer by 15 year old pupils at Swinton Community School, Ben Lambert, Tom Wheldon and Alex Aimson as part of South Yorkshire Police's Lifestyle project. SurfM8 software educates both adults and children about the dangers of the internet and provides tips for staying safe as well as parental controls. Ben told the paper: "We have had interest from our school about using the system and a lot of parents have used it which we are happy about because that's who it was targeted at. Hopefully we can keep the project on after September." The South Yorkshire Police Lifestyle Volunteers project is an annual scheme that encourages groups of 11-16 year olds to spend the school summer holidays doing something to help reduce fear of crime in their community.


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