Tuesday, September 9, 2008

News: Region's manufacturers have advantage


Master Cutler and director of Rotherham firm AESSEAL discusses the advantages that manufacturers in South Yorkshire have in the current economic climate in The Star. Mr Bridge told the paper: "Most exporters are benefiting now that the dollar has started to strengthen. Exporters are seeing a big advantage and the good news is this is an export orientated region." He also discussed that energy and material costs are not proving a big disadvantage to companies such as seal manufacturer, AESSEAL, that add significant amounts of value when turning raw materials into finished products. He also highlighted the issue of apprenticeships and the number of skilled workers coming back in to engineering, "A lot of people, skilled people, skilled machinists, left the industry and went to do a variety of other things, but these people are wanting to come back because, at last, people are seeing a career and a future in manufacturing."
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