Thursday, September 25, 2008

News: Rotherham businesses urged to help schoolchildren Make £5 Blossom


Rotherham Ready’s Make £5 Blossom project is appealing to companies in the borough to forge links with schools and build on the successes of recent years where schools have recorded profits of up to £1000. The project, now in its fourth phase, involves between ten and twelve local primary schools being partnered with local businesses who make a £150 loan to students so they can start their own ventures in school and "Make £5 Blossom." Business partners work with the students to encourage them and develop their enterprise skills. Money making schemes have included a circus, a film night, themed enterprise fairs, and gardening projects. Some schools have spent their profits on developing enterprise in school and some have chosen to donate a proportion of their profits to charity. Jackie Frost, Project Manager for Rotherham Ready said: "Businesses have enjoyed seeing the energy and enthusiasm of young people involved in the project and some of the amazing ideas they come up with. "They have supported young people realise their potential and develop valuable enterprise skills for the future." Make £5 Blossom will be launched on October 6 at Rockingham Professional Development Centre, Roughwood Road, Rotherham.


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