Thursday, September 25, 2008

News: Cepac invests in CCTV package


Info4Security report that one of the world's largest and most technologically advanced corrugated packaging plants is fully exploiting the benefits of CCTV. Cepac, based at Brookfields Park, Manvers, Rotherham have invested in a Samsung Techwin CCTV system for health and safety and management information purposes, as well as for security. Custom designed and built in 1999, the plant produces "retail friendly packaging" with a corrugator machine capable of running at speeds of up to 400 metres per minute. Cepac's Wayne Cusworth told Info4Security: "The machine, which is 100 metres long, is extremely safe to operate but when operating at full capacity can become very hot. "The CCTV cameras are therefore proving very useful as they allow our operators to monitor in detail the production process without having to get too close to the machinery. There is the added bonus that if production is delayed the recorded video can be reviewed to identify the cause of the problem." The system was installed by specialists DJ Byers Ltd and Wayne added: "The CCTV system ensures we maintain the highest levels of service to our customers by helping us to keep our machines operating at full capacity."
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Info4Security article


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