Monday, September 29, 2008

News: MP hails groundbreaking Rotherham enterprise initiative


John Healey MP has hailed the success of a groundbreaking enterprise education project in Rotherham that will "shape the future of Britain". The Wentworth MP said Rotherham Ready has put the borough at the forefront of innovative teaching on a global scale and is already having a significant impact on the quality of learning by enabling students to bridge the long-standing gap between business and education. He said: "The achievements of Rotherham Ready in the past four years are something the whole of Rotherham can be extremely proud of. By using enterprise as a legitimate learning tool for students to be creative and express themselves and use their own initiative it engages them in a new way of understanding. "It is exactly the kind of forward thinking that is making people all over the world sit up and take notice of Rotherham. In fact, it is having such an impact that it is shaping the curriculum and it will shape the future of Britain." John Healey MP was speaking at an event at Rotherham Town Hall that showcased the successes and accomplishments of Rotherham Ready and its award-winning teachers and students. Jackie Frost, Rotherham Ready's project manager, said: "It is a wonderful opportunity for us to show John Healey the progress Rotherham Ready has made in the borough as well as some of the major success stories we have enjoyed. "We're extremely proud of what is being achieved in Rotherham schools and that has been reflected in the awards which have been received. "John has been so integral to Rotherham Ready since day one so to show him the fruits the project has bore in the last four years is an absolute pleasure and a credit to the schools and pupils of Rotherham."


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