Tuesday, September 30, 2008

News: Rotherham bearings fitted to world's largest carrier


Orkot Marine bearings manufactured by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Rotherham have been fitted to the world's largest carrier of liquefied natural gas. Named the "Mozah" by Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea, the 345m ship has 80% more capacity than conventional LNG carriers. The ship measures 53.8 metres wide and 34.7 metres high and can carry 266,000 cubic metres of LNG. The ship is fitted with Orkot Marine rudder bearings that are created from reinforced polymer material, TXMM for the rudder stock (upper bearing) and TLMM on the pintle (lower bearing), allowing operation without lubrication. The Orkot TXMM material has exceptional wear resistance and virtually no swell in water providing stability even with the heaviest loads. TXMM adds a specialised bearing surface to extend dry running capability. Doha based Qatargas Operating Company and Nakilat have taken delivery of a ship they will call "Q-Max" in order to transport LNG to customers in Europe. Orkot is part of the Trelleborg group of companies and is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of bearing materials to the shipping and marine industries. Their Rotherham facility is at Bradmarsh Business Park.


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