Monday, October 20, 2008

News: Heritage plans outlined for Hamby's


In an interview with lifestyle magazine, Around Town Rotherham, Chris Hamby of Hamby's outlines the plans for the heritage led redevelopment of the High Street shop. Chris told the magazine: "We shall be applying for a grant and that'll be to renovate the building; put back the turret on the corner, redo the clock; pretty much everything that we need to put it back to as it was. The building is not listed but it is in a conservation area; it is Georgian with a sort of Victorian facade tacked on. We're going to put a Georgian style shop front facing into the Minster Close on the back of the building and hopefully that should tie in." The £5m Heritage Lottery-Funded (HLF) Townscape Heritage Initiative is aimed at repairing historic buildings, to help restore their economic viability. The THI is a key project of Rotherham Renaissance and concentrated along the historic area of High Street within the town centre.


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