Wednesday, November 19, 2008

News: Beatson Clark bottle for Moorhouse Brewery


Packaging News reports that Moorhouse Brewery has chosen Rotherham glass specialist Beatson Clark to supply it with lightweight 500ml bottles for its Black Cat and Pendle Witches Brew. Together with Rawlings & Son of Bristol, Beatson Clark created the bespoke 320g bottle, which has been embossed with the Moorhouse company logo. Moorhouse has placed an order of 400,000 bottles, which will be on shelves for Christmas this year. Beatson Clark marketing manager Charlotte Taylor told Packaging News that order sizes are no problem for the company as the company's experience and facilities gives it "the capability to design, produce and deliver very quickly to client requirements". The 500ml Amber Ale bottle originally weighed 403g, but Beatson Clark’s highly skilled team have reduced it to just 320g. They have also managed to retain the bottles popular, chunky appearance including the distinguished bulbous neck, keeping that ‘real ale’ feel. During the lightweighting process fewer raw materials will be used and the weight of transporting the goods will also be lower, resulting in a significantly reduced impact on the environment.
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