Tuesday, November 18, 2008

News: Rotherham helps to get Hull Ready


During National Enterprise Week, the city of Hull is launching Hull Ready- a replica of the Rotherham programme to be managed by the Rotherham Ready team. Rotherham Ready has revolutionised teaching and learning in the borough’s schools. So far more than 300 teachers have received special training in enterprise education and 18,000 pupils have benefitted from enterprise activity. Now it is being used as a blueprint elsewhere with Rotherham having enquiries from Redcar, Croydon, Huntingdon, Aberdeen and even Japan! Catherine Brentnall, project officer for Rotherham Ready said: "News is beginning to spread about our ground-breaking scheme. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing since Ofsted gave us a glowing evaluation. It is flattering for everybody involved, particularly all the schools, businesses and staff who have made it so successful." Attending the event will be pupils from Rotherham and Paula Harmer, head teacher at Thorpe Hesley School, the north of England Enterprise Teacher of the Year. Thorpe Hesley is the first junior school in England to achieve the Platinum Award for Excellence in Enterprise Education from Warwick University.
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