Monday, December 1, 2008

News: Amber bottle for Abidec vitamin drops


Rotherham based, Beatson Clark, the UK's leading manufacturer of glass containers for premium products and niche brands, has provided the perfect packaging solution for Abidec children's vitamin drops manufactured by William Ransom for Chefaro UK and Chefaro Ireland. William Ransom has chosen Beatson Clark's 30ml amber round bottles for Abidec, which is a bespoke design. Amber glass has a rich, dark visual appeal, is more cost effective than clear glass yet gives the appearance of superior quality. William Ransom is the UK's oldest independent pharmaceutical company and Beatson Clark has been their main glass supplier for over 14 years and is currently their biggest supplier. Beatson Clark, marketing manager Charlotte Taylor said: "The new vitamin bottle for William Ransom is another example of the great relationships we forge with our clients to make sure that we are able deliver all their glass packaging requirements, while supplying the quantities they need."
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