Thursday, December 4, 2008

News: Minster Yard improvements detailed


The detailed plans for floodlighting the Minster and improving the Minster Yard in the town centre have been submitted. The aim of the council led scheme is to create a pleasant green space with high quality bespoke street furniture, planting and paving. A range of lighting techniques will illuminate each facade of the Minster, emphasising the modelling and architectural features. This will increase the number of people using the Minster Yard for leisure and as a link to the surrounding shops, cafes and offices. Details include expanding the steps onto Church Street to open out an approachable piazza and modifying the walls to create a welcoming entrance to Minster Yard. "Rotherham Red" and pink sandstone will be used to compliment the setting and access and security will be improved. The scheme is linked to the Townscape Heritage Initiative, the £3.5m scheme established to help with the cost of improving historic buildings in the town’s conservation area.


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