Tuesday, January 6, 2009

News: Rotherham glass specialist goes further to be greener


Glass repair and replacement specialist Solaglas Windowcare is urging its workforce in Hellaby to take control of the company’s waste management by implementing renewable practices throughout its premises. The business has created an environmental committee made up of 12 people from management, administration and manufacturing to identify opportunities to recycle waste and reduce the company’s use of resources. More than 300 employees at the main office, which houses a full manufacturing facility, are being urged to recycle, not only aluminium cans and paper, but also plastics and polystyrene. Food waste is also being collected from the staff restaurant to be turned into compost. The Saint-Gobain-owned company has since put into place a process to recycle off-cuts from the manufacturing process used to produce double-glazed units, timber, aluminium and uPVC window frames. Ian Davy, managing director at Solaglas Windowcare is giving his full support to the scheme and said: "As a responsible business, we recognise that we need to have a clear strategy in place and do our bit to limit our impact on the environment. This includes investing in more efficient machinery, combined with effective disposal and re-use where possible of our manufacturing waste – without compromising on the quality of products. "Engaging the support of our employees is vital to creating a greener workplace, and we are investing in methods to make recycling at work as easy as doing it at home." Solaglas Windowcare recently strengthened its high street retail business team with the appointment of Alison Christensen as customer liaison manager.


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