Monday, January 12, 2009

News: Rotherham company helping businesses protect staff from conflict


Enterprising Karl Blackwell, Stephen Mohammed and their former martial arts teacher, Dave Turton, have set up a conflict consultancy Your Guardians in Rotherham. Based at the RIDO run Fusion @ Magna business centre they offer training to staff who come into contact with the general public and might be exposed to conflict and hostility, and go into schools to try to steer young people away from mimicking the behaviour they see around them and on screen. Dave Turton said: "Britain is a more aggressive place than it used to be. We also know that one way to stop the trend towards violence is to introduce awareness and training at school level. "That’s why we’re using our experience to help prevent the violence before it has even happened. Children mimic what’s happening around them then act it out almost automatically. "This way we can help them recognise the dangers and go away with increased knowledge of personal safety and the law." From Fusion, the qualified instructors and members of the Institute of Conflict Management organise training courses including: basic physical intervention skills, door supervision, breakaway or disengagement skills, security guarding, knife awareness, anger management along with conflict management. The team now works in schools including Wingfield Business and Enterprise College. Bob Langley, a business adviser with RiDO, Rotherham Council's regeneration arm, said: "These dedicated people are providing a valuable service to the whole of the UK. They work tirelessly to achieve their goals and I look forward to helping them to make their business grow."


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