Thursday, January 22, 2009

News: Rotherham responds to Burberry announcement


Rotherham MP, Denis MacShane, in whose constituency the Burberry plant is situated said he had contacted ministers, the GMB union, and the regional development agency, Yorkshire Forward, when he heard the news from the company of the proposed closure. He said: "I am in touch with Yorkshire Forward and with The Department of Works and Pensions so that the local Job Centre and Leaning and Skills Council can help the workers directly affected. "I am supporting the GMB union as they seek the most generous redundancy terms possible. Rotherham has faced closures before and come back fighting with new jobs and inward investment." Tim Roache, GMB Regional Secretary for Yorkshire and North Derbyshire said: "This is very bad news for Rotherham. GMB will want to have a thorough discussion with Burberry on the logic of this rationalisation before we are able to move forward. GMB have been around the blocks with Burberry before as they sought to move jobs from the UK to China - we want to make sure nothing like that is happening this time." Andrew Denniff from the Chamber of Commerce said: "This is a very sad day for a business that has been established on the site for nearly 50 years. Prior to Burberrys take over in 2004 the business was run by S R Gent and has always been a major employer in the town. As ever the Chamber will work with any of our partners in trying to address some of the issues that will follow this announcement." Paul Woodcock, director of the council's planning and regeneration service, told The Star: "This is a sad blow to the people who are losing their jobs, and we are already looking at what we can do to help."We're liaising with JobCentre Plus to see what support we can offer. "In previous situations of job losses we've been able, together, to help get people back into work."It's true it's also a blow to Rotherham. But we have many strongly-founded companies doing well, both locally and internationally."


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