Monday, February 16, 2009

News: Fripp’s expertise creates an unusual present


Tom Fripp, design director at Fripp Design based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham, has utilised the expertise of his own company to create an unusual present for his father’s 60th birthday. Tom's dad owns a 1931 Morgan three wheeler Supersport and Tom thought it would be a great idea to build him a full colour 1:10 scaled model. The problem was; there wasn't any commercially available kits for him make it from. So he decided to build his own model, from scratch, using the product design and rapid prototyping skills at Fripp Design. Tom used specialist software, Solidworks and Magics from Materialise, before building the model on Fripp's ZCorp 510 3D colour printer. The printer can take a 3D CAD file and build a three dimensional model from it. When the model came out of the printer it was amazingly lifelike, and gave Tom’s dad the perfect present. Tom said:"When the model came out of the printer, even I was amazed how lifelike it was; dad’s face was a picture when he got it." Fripp Design is based at the AMP Technology Centre and recently launched a new website to reflect the growth of the company and the quality and breadth of clients they are attracting.
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