Tuesday, March 17, 2009

News: 2010 Rotherham secures contract


2010 Rotherham Ltd has secured a contract to install aids and make adaptations to elderly and disabled people's homes in Rotherham. 2010 – which manages, repairs and improves Rotherham's Council homes - has become one of the key providers of Rotherham Borough Council's aids and adaptations work after winning a four-year contract with the Council. Work ranges from fitting grab rails, to installing walk-in showers, to constructing property extensions to improve customers’ living environments - both in Council and privately-owned properties. 2010 Rotherham Ltd construction manager Keith Bradley said: "We were delighted to win the new contract which is a credit to the specialised teams we have at ground level – our plumbers, joiners and bricklayers. "The emphasis of our approach is firmly on the customer and we aim to deliver a first class service. With much of the work we carry out there is inevitably going to be some upheaval, but we are sensitive to our customers' needs and try to minimise disruption as much as possible." 2010 Rotherham Ltd is investing significantly in training for its staff, for example, in understanding customers’ unique expectations and aspirations. It now intends to benchmark itself against other aids and adaptations service providers across the country and seek out good practice as part of its policy of continuous improvement.
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