Tuesday, March 24, 2009

News: Rotherham Hospital's eight year redevelopment plans announced


The first phase of an eight year programme of improvements for Rotherham Hospital has been announced, as part of the hospital’s ambitious redevelopment plans. The initiative will see Sheffield architects Race Cottam Associates design a new entrance for the hospital, develop a programme of ward refurbishments and a series of other improvements in response to the Trust's vision to create a "Hospital of Tomorrow." Brian James, Chief Executive of The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, said: "We look forward to working with Race Cottam and BAM Construct UK Ltd on this programme of work, which will take place as the first stage of The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust's ambitious investment project to refurbish and upgrade Rotherham Hospital. "The ward upgrades will be in line with our innovative Future Ward model, incorporating four-bedded en-suite bays and single-bedded en-suite rooms, but will also incorporate an array of technological, environmental, service and facilities improvements emerging from several major ongoing programmes of work all of which are taking place as part of our ground-breaking Hospital of Tomorrow project." Race Cottam regional director Mark Barker said: "This is a major success story for the practice. It truly reflects the strong feedback we have had for our work on P21 schemes, as well as our excellent reputation and long standing experience for delivering NHS schemes on time and on budget." It is anticipated that the first three year phase of the hospital's Site Utilisation Development Plan will commence some time in 2009, covering a range of services including the future wards project with a total value in excess of £15m with potentially eight wards being redeveloped. The second phase of the SUDP is over a four year period commencing in 2012 and will see the remaining wards modernised in a similar manner but using lessons learnt from the previous phase with a current investment of around £26m being envisaged over the period.
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