Friday, July 10, 2009

News: Going with the flow despite downturn


As the closing date for this year's Young Entrepreneur award draws close one former entrant reports that order books are full, the opportunities are out there - and people are still hungry for the services of innovative young people.

Andy Parton, who won the Best Business Using IT/Technology category for his company Flowed Media Ltd, says he has been so busy, he’s had to stop doing some of the jobs he was routinely taking on in order to focus on his strengths and his business.

Andy said: "I got to a stage when I was so busy just trying to get everything done, and saying yes to everything to keep the money coming in, I stopped focusing on the business and the direction it was going. I now concentrate on my core business and not on the less profitable bits. It's a much more efficient and rewarding way of doing things.

"Working smart also helps me to spend more time developing relationships, creating networks with other entrepreneurs to develop ideas and ways of working that are mutually beneficial for the future."

Now he is 30, Andy's digital solutions business has taken on two members of staff based Fusion Business Centre, run by Rotherham Investment & Development Office (RiDO), the Council's regeneration arm.

And his public sector client portfolio has grown thanks to his niche offering. Flowed uniquely specialises in digital solutions in education for the 14 to 19 age group, developing online tools to make sure teachers have got the right tools for the job.

He is also busy developing creative online packages that he believes businesses will need in the future.

Andy said: "I'm always coming up with ideas - as well as being able to project manage things. Being one step ahead is key in the online business.

"When I won the award last year, it felt great. It gave me recognition, something to talk about online - and confidence. I've now got a goal and a long-term plan that the RiDO business advisors helped me to develop. It's been an interesting year!"

The deadline to enter the Rotherham Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards 2009 is July 19th.

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