Sunday, August 9, 2009

News: Rotherham projects are top Yorkshire Forward achievements


The Advanced Manufacturing Park Technology Centre in Rotherham and the green hydrogen produced there are amongst Yorkshire Forward's top achievements for the last year.

The Regional Development Agency has published an annual performance report which includes ten of the top achievements which highlight the variety of work the organisation does to support the Yorkshire & Humber economy.

Yorkshire Forward has invested £9.3m in the hydrogen project which will see the AMP become home to the UK's first building fuelled by "green" hydrogen. The project has started as it means to go on, with a recycled wind turbine which generates the electricity it needs to produce hydrogen.

The electricity produced from the hydrogen minigrid will power the Advanced Manufacturing Park Technology Centre, a low–carbon-emission office and workshop facility which has benefited from an investment of £9.6m from Yorkshire Forward.

In 2008/09 the RDA has created or safeguarded 23,635 jobs, attracted £873m of private-sector investment and created 1,410 new businesses and provided assistance to boost performance to 51,228 businesses.

Rosie Winterton, Minister for Regional Economic Development said: "These reports show that the Regional Development Agencies are playing a key role at the frontline of our response to the global economic downturn. They have risen to the immediate challenge of the recession with one eye firmly fixed on the future and the upturn."

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