Thursday, August 13, 2009

News: Rotherham college wins enterprise award


Rotherham College of Arts & Technology (RCAT) has been awarded the Warwick Platinum Award for Excellence in Enterprise Education.

A special event was hosted within the College's Wharncliffe Restaurant to mark the success of the work carried out through Rotherham Ready - the Rotherham Children and Young People's Enterprise Project.

The project was designed to inspire schools and further education establishments to create an enterprising culture which helps young people to develop the skills they will need to succeed in the future.

In 2008 the College was awarded the Warwick Award for the quality of achievement in enterprise education following an audit of their enterprise activity and evaluation processes.

Now it has achieved even greater success in receiving the Platinum Award – demonstrating that the enterprise education curriculum and management can be deemed as exemplary both on a local and national basis.

Rachael Booth champion for enterprise education said: "This is a wonderful achievement for the college and a culmination of a lot of hard-work from tutors, Enrichment Officers, students and all those involved in delivering and supporting enterprise education.

"The college has an enterprise ethos that permeates across the curriculum and makes good use of local business and the community in Rotherham to engage in real issues that develop enterprising skills and prepares students for the world of work.

"Rotherham is an exciting place to be right now in terms of Enterprise Education and the work of organisations like Rotherham Ready in pulling a lot of this together, will mean that people studying in Rotherham from early years through to adulthood can develop their enterprise skills."

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