Wednesday, September 30, 2009

News: Chocolate manufacturer calls on Inditherm's precision


Rotherham company, Inditherm has recently installed their most precise industrial heating system yet, for an international, leading brand manufacturer of chocolate.

The process of tempering chocolate involves controlling the crystallisation of cocoa butter to create a glossy and firm texture and demands precise temperature control.

The Inditherm Plus control system provides the manufacturer with a precision of plus or minus 1 degree despite the complex pipework involved by using the company's carbon-based conductive polymer technology.

Inditherm's technology has no hot or cold spots and delivers precise, even temperature at every point in the process.

A further advantage of the system is the ability to change process temperature quickly, avoiding the lags and delays associated with water heating technology.

Inditherm's Chief Executive, Nick Bettles said: "The combination of our core heating technology with advanced control and specialised insulation and cladding really does deliver a complete solution with unrivalled performance.

"Our customer for this new system has praised Inditherm for the way they have worked to deliver a solution that meets all their demands.

They believe that the very significant reduction in energy and the ability to progressively remove water heating from their manufacturing processes will have growing importance in the years ahead."

Last week, the Manvers company posted interim results that showed that turnover excluding sales to US distributor Smiths Medical fell by 32% to £555,000 from £811,000 the year before.

Mark Abrahams, Chairman of Inditherm, said: "Trading in the second half of 2009 has, so far, followed a similar pattern to that experienced in the first half. The peak summer months are traditionally the quieter period for all areas of the business so we are unclear at this stage how long these market conditions will continue."

"The Company is pushing hard to maximise sales, with emphasis on the Medical sector, as we drive the business towards break-even, but anticipate continuing to make a loss in the second half of the year."

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