Friday, January 22, 2010

News: Rotherham MP discusses unemployment figures and hopes of new jobs at Corus


Rotherham MP Denis MacShane has welcomed the modest fall in unemployment figures announced this week.

According to the Office of National Statistics there is a 7,000 drop in the ILO measure of unemployment, a 15,000 drop in the claimant count and a 7,600 drop in the youth claimant count.

In Rotherham, the total number of Jobseeker's Allowance fell by 18, the fourth consecutive month where the total number of claimants in Rotherham has fallen. This is in contrast to the large increases between October 2008 and March 2009.

MacShane said: "Britain under Labour and Gordon Brown's policy mix has done better than the United States and major EU countries in keeping people in jobs despite the closures and job losses following the economic crisis."

The MP was in town to speak to the Rotherham and Barnsley Chamber of Commerce and visit steelmaker, Corus.

He added: "I was pleased at recent meeting with top management of Corus in Rotherham that the firm may be looking to take on some workers in the course of 2010 providing the outlook for sales remains good. After the annus horriblis for Corus in South Yorkshire last year it is good that steel has a future in Rotherham despite the global pressure on steel in all advanced economies."

Speaking in the Commons, MacShane paid tribute to the cooperation between the Community steel union leadership in Rotherham and Corus managers which had resulted in local production surviving despite the very serious fears of closure last spring. He also praised the role of Peter Mandelson who came to visit Corus in the summer.

He told the house: "I must say that since his visit, things have turned around. We are now narrowly in the black and the unions have worked co-operatively with the management.

"Mr. Stuart Sansome, the leader of the Corus steelworkers, made a presentation to the Corus board with the local management, which showed partnership at work. Let us place it on the record that Lord Mandelson might help Britain's steel industry to have a future, which was far from certain this time last year."

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