Tuesday, January 26, 2010

News: Rotherham planning board approve Waverley applications


Members of the planning board at Rotherham Council have voted to approve outline plans for the massive redevlopment of Waverley in Rotherham.

Members agreed with planners that approval be granted for UK Coal's outline application to create a sustainable, high density, mixed use community, including 3890 houses, community facilities and green areas.

They also agreed with planners that approval be granted for Helical Governetz outline plans for a 60,000 sq m government office campus and hotel on the site.

The decisions of the members will go through the Council's call-in procedure and are subject to legal agreements and both applications will be referred to the Secratary of State for confirmation. Should the Secretary decide not to intervene, planning permission will be granted.

The application is for South Yorkshire's largest ever brownfield development creating a new 4,000 home community across 741 acres from UK COAL's property arm, Harworth Estates.

Members, developers, officers and members of the public discussed issues such as affordable housing, drainage, transport and air quality before the plans were approved.

A section 106 agreement between the developers and the council will see the developer provide £24.5m to ensure that the local area benefits from the development. These range from providing £11m for two primary schools and other financial contributions for new facilities such as playing pitches and a new link road. 21% of the 3890 houses need to be affordable.

Members passed a motion to ammend the condition to ensure that the affordable housing provision is brought forward to the begining of phase one of the development.

The government office campus is a result of work by Helical Bar plc, Governetz Ltd and Haworth Estates (UK Coal) with the intention to provide high specification offices for government departments in response to the desire to move activities out of central London and into the regions.

The two proposals are expected to create over 7,000 jobs with a development phase of over 20 years.

Further applications are now expected regarding the park and ride on the site and details of the phases of development.

Cllr Gerald Smith, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Development Services, described the application as a "huge step" in both the regeneration of this particular site and the provision of new housing for the Borough.

He said: "Today's application has taken many years to complete and all credit must be given to all who have worked on it. I am obviously delighted that members of the Planning Regulatory Board have given their support because this is a much-needed development which, over the next 20 years, will transform this brown-field site into a whole new community providing good, affordable housing, including rented and shared ownership homes as well as privately-owned homes, together with all the necessary services and amenities."

Waverley Community website

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Frankyboy77,  January 26, 2010 at 1:39 PM  

I notice that the Woodhouse Mill green field has been included in the plan even though there still objections to this

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