Wednesday, May 19, 2010

News: Updated YES! Project plans approved


Oak Holdings, the operators of Rother Valley Country Park and developers behind the YES! Project in Rotherham has announced that the updated planning application has been approved for what will be the largest undercover leisure based scheme in Europe.

The planning board of Rotherham Borough Council unanimously agreed to approve the plans and have referred them to the Government Office. If the Secretary of State decides not to intervene, as in 2006, the plans will be approved subject to the signing of a section 106 agreement regarding transport, access and usage, between the developers and the council that ensures the area benefits from the plans.

The YES! Project will comprise 1.2million sq ft covered, fully integrated, mixed-use, leisure and entertainment based resort, activity and conference destination.

The application is for the renewal of the previous outline plans approved by Rotherham Council in 2007 and the opportunity was taken to submit the findings of extensive design works.

The new design allows for the fourteen-floor building to be more readily divisible into construction phases with a purpose built arena for the Sheffield Steelers together with a conference hotel making up the first phase.

Oak has also asked that the time in which further planning details are submitted be extended from three to five years in order to achieve the phased delivery program.

Objections to the plans were raised by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) South Yorkshire as the land is within Rotherham's green belt but Sheffield City Council raised no objections.

The planning officer's report concluded that: "It is not considered that there have been any material changes in legislation, advice, or any other material considerations that would now justify a refusal of planning permission."

Oak Holdings website

Images: Oak Holdings / Signet Planning


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