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News: Rotherham's Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2010


Rotherham's Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2010 has been launched by the Rotherham Enterprise Network (REN).

Back for the fifth year, the awards recognise and reward young business acumen and also deliver a £1,500 cash investment to the overall winner.

Every year the awards have uncovered a wealth of inspiring young talent, from an ice sculptor working out of a converted garage, to teenagers setting up a successful IT business, creative web designers, and skilled dance teachers. The awards also give them a unique opportunity to promote what they do.

Awards organiser and judge Geoff Link, enterprise manager at RiDO, said: "We're looking for the brightest young business brains to enter these awards.

"Each year the calibre of the candidates gets more and more impressive. And what's even more interesting is that many of these small start-up companies are not only surviving in the recession – they are actually thriving during these difficult times too.

These young people are building their own futures. They show us that there is a great deal of inspiring young talent out there waiting to be unlocked and rewarded.

Last year Chris Wright, now 23, picked up the top prize for his successful business IT Desk that he set up in 2006, aged just 19.

Chris said: "The fact that the borough runs an award like this makes it possible for young people like me to get ourselves out there, it gives you something to aim at – and something to be proud of.

"Receiving this sort of recognition makes all the hard work worthwhile, it's a real pat on the back. Winning this award was a real milestone for me, it brought in a useful amount of media coverage and helping me to drive the business forward and develop IT Desk's reputation."

This year's entrants can choose from the following categories: Best New Start-up (trading between six months and two years), Best Established Business (trading more than two years), Best Business IT/Technology and Business Most Determined to Succeed.

Application details are to be submitted to the judges by July 16 2010 and the overall winner is to be announced in October.

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