Tuesday, June 29, 2010

News: Education guru praises Rotherham’s culture of enterprise


International education guru Richard Gerver has praised Rotherham's culture of enterprise in education.

Richard, a former Head Teacher of the Year, advises governments and schools all over the world about developing learning fit for the 21st Century.

He was at Magna last week as the keynote speaker at Rotherham Ready's "Made in Rotherham 2010" event – a conference showcasing the work of schools and colleges developing enterprise through the curriculum.

Richard said: "I am truly humbled by what I have seen here; within thirty seconds of walking in I knew this was the real thing. Young people really are at the centre of what you are doing, and they are developing the enterprise skills and attitudes they need for future success.

"It has been a privilege to come to Rotherham and see what you are doing."

More than 40 schools and colleges took part in the conference, part of Rotherham council's Children's Festival, with children and young people showcasing enterprising and entrepreneurial learning in workshops and a market place.

More than 150 delegates from as far as Liverpool, Hull, Warrington and Birmingham attended to learn about Rotherham Ready's approach to developing enterprise in education.

Rotherham Ready, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, works with schools and colleges to embed enterprise in education from 4-19 and beyond. It is internationally recognised as a model of best practice and has successful rolled the project in Hull, and trained teachers across the country.

Jackie Frost, Enterprise Projects Manager for Rotherham council and manager of Rotherham Ready said: "Rotherham is at the forefront of developing enterprise learning and it was great to receive such a ringing endorsement from Richard.

"Made in Rotherham" demonstrated how our schools and colleges are working to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and enterprising employees who will help shape the future of Rotherham."

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