Wednesday, June 30, 2010

News: Horbury sees public sector sustaining construction market


Rotherham-based Horbury Group, has seen a decisive move into public sector construction contracts produce stability for the group companies over the past twelve months.

David Priestley, sales and marketing director at the Moorgate based Horbury Group said: "We have been heavily involved in public sector projects in a historical context and this enabled us, with a healthy track record, to increase our market share as private sector and residential contracts began to scale down."

Horbury Group has recently secured a contract worth £1m for the development of five state-of-the-art community fire stations in Northumberland and Durham and a £1.5m contract for Balfour Beatty at West Darby and Ernest Cookson Schools in Liverpool, as well as schools projects in the North-East of the country.

The value of work undertaken by the group on key educational developments is now £7.6m.

David added: "The group is generating plenty of enquiries and there is nothing yet to suggest that these are likely to decrease.

"We still have private sector contracts, but an increasing reliance in public sector builds by the industry in general, may well be unsettled by a completely different set of parameters put in place by the new Government, particularly if there are to be significant reductions in public spending, much of which is still needing clarity."

In Rotherham, contracting authorities are a working on establishing a new private partnership vehicle with the private sector for the development and delivery of the BSF programme that is worth around £200m.

A tender notice has recently been issued covering aspects of the partnership including project development, estates managment, procurement, architecture, engineering, building, facilities management and ICT services.

The initial schemes for BSF programme in Rotherham will be delivered in two phases and will include ten of the borough's secondary schools and two special schools.

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