Tuesday, July 6, 2010

News: Martek to launch Renewables Network


Rotherham company, Martek Marine, is working on a new project that will provide a range of support and consultancy services to offshore wind farm developers and their supply chain.

The "Renewables Network" is due to be launched later this summer and will host a number of events and offer training opportunities to firms operating in the offshore wind industry. In addition, it will also provide support for firms trying to find private equity funding.

Initially the network will be focussed on the Humber region before expanding to support the wider offshore wind industry.

Paul Luen, CEO at Martek Marine said: "I think for any sector, the availability of valuable finance is always going to be a challenge.

"The situation for offshore wind is slightly different because it could be argued that it's underpinned by government renewable energy targets. That's not to say that funding isn't a challenge, but part of the challenge is to create a competitive supply chain to drive down costs."

Martek is investing a five figure sum in the new network, and is already working with a number of major developers including Eon, Siemens, Centrica and Dong Energy. In addition they are also going to be working with Scandinavian developers to gain valuable insight into how to build up the industry.

The Manvers company is the world leader in safety and environmental monitoring equipment for commercial ships.

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