Thursday, February 3, 2011

News: Teachers learn about enterprise in Rotherham


Primary school teachers in the Bradford district are taking a trip to Rotherham this week to learn more about developing children's enterprise skills.

Bradford teachers will visit three schools which have successfully embedded enterprise into the curriculum.

The trip has been organised by Bradford Council's Step Up Enterprise scheme in partnership with Rotherham Ready.

The Rotherham Ready Big 13 enterprise model focuses on 13 enterprise skills which the children can use on a day-to-day basis, such as team work, planning and leadership. The scheme helps the children to recognise and understand these skills and encourages them to be more enterprising.

Rotherham secured the top prize in the Enterprising Britain competition 2010. Judges were impressed by the complete package for developing enterprise - with Rotherham Ready inspiring children about business as soon as they start school, and Rotherham Youth Enterprise providing all the support young people need to make their business dreams a reality.

Rotherham's success has been replicated in a number of places – having successfully launched Hull Ready in 2008 and exporting "Inspire" enterprise training to Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster, Warrington, Liverpool and Spain.

Coun Ralph Berry, Executive Member for children and young people's services at Bradford Council, said: "Identifying and encouraging business and employable skills at a young age is essential for developing the business leaders of the future.

"This is a key aspect of the districts "b someone" campaign – helping children and young people to succeed, improve their skills and fulfil their potential."

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