Thursday, June 23, 2011

News: Performance Engineered Solutions take space at the AMP Technology Centre


A new breed of engineering design company, Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) Ltd, has taken space at the AMP Technology Centre on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham.

PES Ltd was established based on the F1 concept of driving innovation in multiple sectors. It specialises in enhancing the performance of components, products and systems by delivering integrated engineering thinking alongside innovative design, materials, manufacturing and testing technologies.

They are currently working on a number of projects including; aerospace components, the aerodynamic and composite design for a new Moto2 racing bike, composite parts for a super lightweight, high performance road car, R&D projects in the automotive tyre sector, and the management of a major international engineering project.

Mike Maddock, managing director at PES said: "The last 12 months have seen significant developments within all aspects of the business, and in order to take full advantage of the opportunities that are arising we have decided to separate the key business areas.

"We believe that there is significant potential within industry for the kind of integrated engineering design services that PES provides. The interest is such that we are already looking to expand the team and recruit additional high calibre design engineers."

The company is also sponsoring British racing driver Paul Rees, who is driving the MTech Ferrari 458 Italia in the international FIA GT3 sports car championship.

Dan Fleetcroft, design director at PES said: "Motorsport is one of the most technically advanced industry sectors in the world, where the goal is to provide high performance solutions to challenging technical issues, often in very tight timescales. It is therefore the ideal environment to promote PES as we use the same technologies and principles as motorsport to deliver performance focused engineering solutions for our clients."

Motorsport is something Dan knows intimately about having been trained and mentored as a design engineer in Formula One for 15 years by John Barnard, one of F1's all-time engineering greats. He has worked with numerous racing teams, including Ferrari, Arrows, Prost GP, Kenny Roberts Moto GP team and B3 Technologies Ltd design & engineering consultancy. Throughout this time he has also completed projects in multiple engineering environments outside of F1 including aerospace, automotive, medical technology, elite sport, renewable energy and product design.

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