Friday, August 5, 2011

News: Cti works efficiently on Norwegian oil project


Rotherham research & development specialists, Castings Technology International (Cti), has assisted Sultzer Pumps from Leeds in winning a contract for upgraded pump impeller and diffuser components destined for Norwegian oilfields.

To meet the needs of the programme, Cti manufactured 16 impellers, each weighing 45kg in a nitrogen-alloyed duplex stainless steel to extremely tight tolerances. Cti was also required to gain full supplier accreditation for the parts in the short manufacturing timeframe in order to supply the heavily regulated Norwegian oil industry.

With the first pump now in service, site testing revealed an improvement in pump efficiency, resulting in a 10% saving on power usage. Re-designs from Sulzer's Retrofit team and the manufacturing accuracy attained by Cti achieved double the anticipated benefit.

The impellers and diffusers cast by Cti were of a sufficiently high surface quality finish and dimensional accuracy that they required minimal machining and less finishing of the hydraulic surfaces. They also provided reduced weight, improved balance, and higher pumping efficiency.

This is the latest project that Sulzer and Cti have collaborated on during several years of co-operation, during which time Cti has developed this breakthrough fast-manufacturing technology for impellers.

Cti, based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham is a member-based organisation with unrivalled capabilities in casting design, materials development and selection, specifications, manufacturing technologies, quality control, testing and performance.

Cti's global membership includes casting producers, suppliers to the castings sector, and casting users, ranging from very small companies to multi-national corporations in the aerospace, automotive, power generation and medical sectors. Their R&D is directed largely at economic improvement of the integrity and performance of cast components. Using a range of casting methods, CTI can produce components in materials such as titanium, aluminium, steel and nickel superalloys.

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