Friday, August 5, 2011

News: Green demonstrator opens in Rotherham


A green demonstrator property has opened in Rotherham that will help residents to learn more about how to save money on their energy bills and how to "green up" their lifestyles.

The property above the Ann Rhodes Community Centre in Brampton has undergone a substantial "green-over" to reduce its carbon emissions and make it more energy efficient.

Sustainable energy experts, SIG Energy Management, has installed innovative technologies such as solar panels and air-source heat pumps, combined with more traditional methods of insulation, to reduce running costs and demonstrate to residents and service-users the benefits that using new technologies can bring.

Neil Donald, managing director at SIG Energy Management, said: "Through our new Insight Programme, we've put the property through a full audit so we could identify which technologies and solutions would deliver the best energy efficiency.

"By allowing local people to visit the property, they can then better understand how to effectively reduce the energy consumption in their own homes and the environmental and economic benefits that this brings."

Funding for the property was secured from the Government as part of its eco-towns and eco-developments programme.

At the official opening of the property, John Healey MP said: "Housing is responsible for almost a third of UK carbon emissions, making it a key area for us to tackle as part of the Dearne Valley Eco-Vision. In addition, four out of five homes that will be available in 20 years time have already been built.

"A key challenge therefore is to tackle the energy efficiency of the existing housing stock and this demonstrator property will help to raise awareness amongst residents and provide information and advice to local people about how they can do this."


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