Thursday, September 22, 2011

News: Identicom safeguarding frontline staff


Rotherham-based Connexion2 has secured further contracts to protect staff working alone with their Identicom device.

The Dinnington company is providing Rochdale Borough Council's frontline lone-working staff with a more secure working environment and the technology to gather evidence against tenants who verbally abuse its staff. Such workers are typically facing a range of social risks from verbal abuse, intimidation and attack or assault.

The SoloProtect package is based on the award-winning Identicom system which is designed to look like a normal ID badge and allows lone workers to raise an alarm, make an emergency phone call or send a text message.

SoloProtect added another layer of defence to the council's existing lone worker procedures. This proved so successful that the Homeless Service, Building Controls and Revenue & Benefits departments also incorporated the solution. Now the Council has a total of 60 Identicom devices being used by frontline staff.

Javed Rehman, senior support worker at Rochdale Council, said: "Identicom is extremely practical and easy to use and it looks like a normal ID badge and can be worn round the neck which leaves your hands free. This means there is no need to fumble in our pockets for a mobile phone and everyone feels much safer knowing that they can open up a connection to the monitoring centre and can escalate the response which can involve the police if necessary."

York Housing Association has also chosen Coonnexion2 to deliver a bespoke policy and training package following a review of its lone worker policy.

The lone worker security management training and consultancy services focus on working with both the employer and employee to enhance the protection of lone workers, providing education and comprehensive support on all aspects of lone worker protection for the employer, the lone worker manager and the individual lone worker.

The association provides a range of housing and support services to over 600 households in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire and has also chosen the Identicom system to provide frontline staff with additional confidence knowing they could discreetly raise an alarm whilst carrying out their work and travelling between locations.

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