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News: Powerstar helps councils cut energy costs


Rotherham-based EMSc UK Ltd, the market leading manufacturer of the world's most efficient voltage optimisation system, Powerstar, is working with a number of councils across the country to save money on their energy bills.

Based at Templeborough, the Powerstar system is the only voltage optimisation system wholly designed and manufactured in the UK and works by reducing the the voltage supplied by the National Grid.

Powerstar generally achieves average savings of 12-15%, improves the life expectancy of electrical equipment, and enhances power quality by reducing harmonics.

An installation at North East Lincolnshire Council resulted in savings of 24.72% on annual energy consumption and £6,094 off its annual electricity bill while Copeland Borough Council has seen an energy saving of 59,760kWh per annum and 32.6 tonnes of carbon – equivalent to the CO2 produced by driving 98 thousand miles in a car or heating a home for 5 years. Similarly, Newport City Council achieved an 8.8% energy consumption saving through Powerstar.

Cotswold District Council in Gloucestershire identified the Cotswold Leisure Centre as an area where several sustainability targets could be met through reducing electricity consumption. EMSc (UK) Ltd determined that the council could realise substantial savings by implementing voltage optimisation technology and, upon recommendation, a 286kVA Powerstar unit was installed at the Leisure Centre.

The solution came with a payback period that met the Council's expectations and lead to an overall energy saving of 8% and a reduction of its carbon footprint – whilst CO2 emissions were reduced by 54 tonnes. The Council also achieved an annual saving of £7,800 on electricity costs.

Commenting on the installations Dr Alex Mardapittas, EMSc (UK) Ltd managing director and designer of Powerstar said: "We employ two dedicated Powerstar public sector consultants with comprehensive and specialist knowledge of voltage optimisation in local authorities, central government and the NHS. These consultants are uniquely qualified to deal with the challenges faced by the public sector and it is their knowledge combined with the Powerstar team's engineering expertise that has enabled these councils to optimise savings.

"As a company we have longstanding success within the public sector. As such, councils seeking a reliable, proven energy saving solution – one that can help reduce carbon emissions while realising significant savings on energy consumption – can be assured of professional and specialised service from the Powerstar team."

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