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News: Iceotope relaunches on the AMP


Iceotope, producers of an innovative liquid cooling system for the IT industry, has moved on to the Advanced Manufacturing Park In Rotherham.

The hi-tech firm has taken an office and a workshop in the AMP Technology Centre as it launches a new system that reduces the power consumed in data centres by eliminating the need for any fans.

Iceotope has a patented approach to reduce power consumption by tackling the problem of cooling servers at the source of the heat at component level.

The components are encapsulated in 3M Novec, an inert and environmentally sound coolant, and all waste heat generated from the servers is used to passively pump the coolant solution through the system by encouraging a state of ultra-convection, thus removing the need for fans, chillers and airflow. Iceotope then transfers this heat to outside of the data centre and the heat can even be repurposed to heat other office spaces.

The company secured a million pounds of funding in 2009 but ended up entering administration in 2011. Original inventor Peter Hopton led the fund-raising to acquire the technology and the IP of the firm. His consortium included the original engineering team, backed by a seven figure investment sum.

Iceotope servers can reduce facility operating costs and carbon output. Data centres can save 20% of power consumption at the server level and make a saving of 97% of costs associated with cooling power, an overall reduction of over 50% for the typical data centre.

Peter Hopton, CTO of Iceotope, said: "With the data centre industry growing by 12% each year, data centre providers are struggling to keep up with demand for higher efficiency and higher density, while keeping power consumption and costs to a minimum. Iceotope's unique technology can help data centre providers to save half of all overall electricity costs compared to an average data centre.

"We need to start looking to technology that will help to not only reduce environmental footprint, but also help reduce the costs associated with power and cooling in data centre and HPC (High Performance Computing) environments. Through our research with Leeds University and 3M, we're excited about the impact our solution will have on data centre design and location."

As the AMP's incubation hub, The AMP Technology Centre offers 50,000 sq ft of office, laboratory and workshop space for hi-tech advanced engineering, manufacturing and sustainable energy companies.

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