Monday, August 6, 2012

News: Connexion2 secures housing contract


Rotherham-based Connexion2 has secured a contract with Thames Valley Housing Association for their lone worker protection system.

The Dinnington firm is the developer and manufacturer of the award-winning Identicom system that is designed to look like a normal ID badge but allows lone workers to raise an alarm, make an emergency phone call or send a text message.

Thames Valley Housing Association is a leading provider of homes in communities across London and South East England with responsibility for 16,500 affordable homes.

Identicom lone worker devices have been provided to a range of employees including accommodation officers, revenue teams and neighbourhood officers. As most personnel work on their own, ether on a regular basis or periodically, the association has extended the use of Identicom to office based staff who work on their own occasionally, late nights and weekends, including directors.

Suki Kahlon, facilities officer at Thames Valley Housing Association, said: "Safety is paramount to us and we have therefore made Identicom part of our health and safety policy. We decided we needed a more robust system than we were previously using for our lone workers.

"With Identicom, personnel can use the "Red Alert" at any time they feel vulnerable knowing that, if required, they can quickly get support should they feel threatened."

Now, when a user is entering a new or potentially hazardous situation, the user can activate the "Amber Alert" function. This allows them to leave a quick 20-second voice message outlining whom and where they are, and what risks they are facing. This is accessed by the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) should there be a "Red Alert" subsequently actioned on the device.

During such an alert, dedicated staff at the Alarm Receiving Centre can discreetly listen in to what is happening and make an assessment as to the level of support required - involving the Police if necessary. All audio captured through the device is recorded for future use as admissible evidence in court if required.

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