Monday, October 1, 2012

News: New contracts and new staff for VO4HOME


Rotherham-based VO4HOME Ltd, developer and manufacturer of an innovative domestic voltage optimisation system, has completed a number of diverse installations.

Designed for use in homes and small businesses, the unit optimises incoming voltage to a constant 220V. Although the energy saving potential of VO4HOME is well documented, and the primary reason for installing the innovative solution, the improvement in power quality is, for many, just as important.

One such installation was a recording studio located in the countryside, where the unstable power supply put the expensive equipment, which is valued at over £200,000, at risk. VO4HOME was commissioned to install a voltage optimisation unit to help balance the power supply and improve power quality. The owner of the recording studio has also seen a reduction in energy consumption and costs.

The Templeborough firm was also asked to supply a unit that would reduce the voltage to a flat in Fulham, where overvoltage was causing expensive appliances to shut down.

Geoff Clifton, business development manager at VO4HOME, said: "For any business, poor power quality can lead to high costs in terms of repair and lost production or service. Poor power quality also affects the home, where it can cause problems that reduce the operating efficiency of household appliances."

VO4HOME also assisted a farmer whose milling machine was rendered useless due to high voltage and spikes. Upon his electrician's recommendation, the farmer installed a VO4HOME voltage optimisation unit to both reduce and bring stability to the voltage.

Clifton added: "The outcomes of these recent installations emphasise that, apart from the energy savings available through voltage optimisation, there is an additional and often overlooked benefit – marginally reduced voltage and the natural attenuation of spikes through VO4HOME can have a great effect on the efficiency and longevity of appliances.

"The results prove that whatever equipment you are running in your home or business, the inclusion of a VO4HOME voltage optimisation unit will give that equipment every chance of working more efficiently and lasting longer."

VO4HOME has recently strengthened its technical and sales teams with three new recruits.

Tom Appleyard, a qualified electrician with experience across a range of commercial and domestic standards, as Quality Assurance Technician, a role in which he will assist with the technical development of VO4HOME and the provision of technical customer support.

VO4HOME has also welcomed two new sales representatives – Andrew Romoff and Hanif Ghodawala – who will be responsible for developing business opportunities and distributor networks in the South West, South Wales, East Anglia, the Midlands and North Wales, respectively.

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