Monday, November 26, 2012

News: AESSEAL could double Rotherham workforce


Award-winning manufacturer, AESSEAL, has purchased land and buildings on a site neighbouring its UK headquarters in Rotherham which could lead to the 300-strong workforce doubling over time.

As reported in August, the world's fourth largest mechanical seal business, is also investing around £3m in expanding its US operation.

The company is creating a high-specification extension to house 9-axis machining centres in its Rockford, Tennessee base.

With their global headquarters at Templeborough, award-winning AESSEAL manufactures mechanical seals, which are environmental containment products used on all types of rotating equipment in process industries.

The $50m North American business comprises approximately 20 percent of AES's global business which now includes 230 locations in 104 countries.
Chris Rea, group managing director at AESSEAL (pictured), said: "The decision to invest in the US is not a replacement of, but a complement to, our existing UK manufacturing facilities, which we also intend to expand. In fact, we have recently purchased the adjoining site to our UK headquarters, which will allow us to double our current Rotherham-based workforce at whatever pace our customers allow our business to develop."

The company says the decision to produce in the US is based partly on issues with cancelled airfreight brought about by ash clouds, security concerns that have caused re-routing of airfreight traffic and the necessity of having at least one other strategic location on another continent, from which it can supply the rest of the world in any future emergency.

The firm's values are based on exceptional levels of customer service. They guarantee a 48-hour shipment of standard products as part of a seal management program.

Jonathan Wilkinson, chief executive at AESSEAL, said: "The US is also our largest market and this facility will provide our growing US customer base with another opportunity for emergency (up to 48-hour) supply. Not only will there be no loss of UK jobs, but the company sincerely believes that it will lead to faster overall company growth, globally."

The US project – which follows a six-month feasibility study – is being led by manufacturing manager Andrew Driver, who is currently a US resident, although he started his career with AESSEAL in the UK more than 25 years ago as a machine shop operator.

AESSEAL recently secured funding from the government's Regional Growth Fund (RGF) that aims to create jobs, encourage private investment and support areas dependent on the public sector.

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