Monday, August 5, 2013

News: Award winning house installs VO4HOME to cut energy costs


VO4HOME Ltd, the Rotherham-based developer and manufacturer of the innovative range of voltage optimisations systems, has completed the installation of a 3 Phase system at a prestigious, award winning new build property near Blackpool.

Designed for use in homes and small businesses, the unit optimises incoming voltage to a constant 220V and has been chosen by Melrose Developments Ltd, the developer of the impressive Lavender Lodge property.

The property recently won "Best Individual Dwelling" in the LABC Built in Quality awards for the North West region. It has seven bedrooms, a cinema, gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, remotely controlled lighting, ventilation, heating and blinds, as well as a media centre piping entertainment to every room.

The house also boasts a solar panel array, two large solar thermal panels, which contribute greatly to the heating of the pool, heat recovery systems and a ground source heat pump.

12 months after the owners moved into the property, a VO4HOME solution has now been installed to further reduce electricity use and to ensure the equipment is adequately shielded from the local voltage of 245V.

Melrose Developments commented about the installation: "It took barely an hour to see the benefits of installing a VO4HOME 3 Phase unit. We monitor all the energy use and immediately recognised a 13% energy saving on electricity consumption.

"However, it's not just about the energy saving, the high voltage at the site was making all the electronic equipment vulnerable to overheating. The VO4HOME system has radically reduced the risk. The installation has resulted in immediate savings in energy consumption and a substantial reduction in electricity costs."

Geoff Clifton, business development manager of VO4HOME, added: "The VO4HOME 3 Phase system is not just being adopted by large home owners, but by small hotels and leisure clubs that face many of the same challenges as this superb house. VO4HOME has also helped SMEs as diverse as retailers and caterers, surgeries and clinics, to reduce their energy bills and cut their carbon footprint."

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Images: Melrose Developments


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