Friday, August 9, 2013

News: CMD impresses with customer service levels


CMD Ltd has received a glowing report after the Rotherham based manufacturer surveyed over 400 of its customers and asked them to rate the company's customer service levels.

Based at Eastwood, the company has a product range offering underfloor power systems, lighting and power busbars, lighting control systems, together with office power, cable management and ergonomic solutions.

The survey revealed that the top three values most important to CMD's customers are the company's approachability; product and service quality and that CMD are British manufacturers. Wholly British-owned CMD has been operating in Rotherham since 1984 and this heritage is clearly important to customers.

The survey was not just an opportunity for CMD to ask their customers how well the company was serving them, it was also a chance for CMD to spot areas which require improvement and to avoid the common trap of complacency which many companies fall into.

As well as asking customers about their thoughts on its services, CMD also asked its customers what they thought about the products the company produces, and asked for suggestions for improvement. This information will enable CMD to review its current product range and look at developing future products which will be designed with customer feedback in mind.

Steve Cole, managing director at CMD Ltd, said: "Listening to our customers is something we pride ourselves on at CMD and this survey was an excellent chance for us to see what we are doing right, and which areas need improvement.

"We are delighted that our customers see us as offering quality, British made products and that our team is friendly and approachable. However, there are still many ways in which we can improve and this survey has given us a valuable insight into what we need to do to keep our customers happy and to keep moving our business forward."

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