Friday, September 13, 2013

News: CMD launch Ergonomics in Education campaign


Innovative Rotherham manufacturing company, CMD Ltd, are taking ergonomic equipment and advice to schools in a bid to help improve the health and well being of children in the classroom.

Based at Eastwood, the company has a product range offering underfloor power systems, lighting and power busbars, lighting control systems, together with office power, cable management and ergonomic solutions.

This autumn, CMD will reach out to over 3,500 schools to educate school leaders about the benefits of good ergonomics in classrooms, including offering advice on better posture and suggesting specialist ergonomic equipment to streamline classrooms.

According to the British Chiropractic Association nearly half of children under 11 have suffered from some kind of back pain. Much of this pain is caused by a combination of poor classroom ergonomics, children carrying heavy bags to school and young people not getting enough exercise.

CMD aim to educate schools on the importance of ergonomics and ease the pressure on young people's backs by providing schools with information on the key equipment needed for an ergonomic classroom.

Inexpensive and easy to install products such as monitor arms, tablet supports and laptop supports enable teachers and pupils to maintain a good posture in classrooms while they work. Ergonomic equipment such as this, as well as CPU units and cable ties, make classrooms tidier, safer and healthier places to be.

Steve Cole, managing director at CMD Ltd, said: "We're excited to engage with schools in South Yorkshire and further afield to share our knowledge and recommendations for making classrooms more ergonomic. Simple equipment can transform a school into a much more pleasant place to be and can help to eliminate back and neck problems in the classroom."

The benefits of an ergonomic classroom include reducing the risk of accidents, reducing the risk of aches and pains and ensuring that teachers and pupils don't become frustrated as a result of not being able to adjust or see equipment properly.

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