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News: Tidy Boys pledge to Keep It Tidy


Hard dance pioneers, The Tidy Boys have finally acquired the Tidy brand from the Rotherham-based Music Factory Entertainment Group.

Andy Pickles (pictured, left) and Amadeus Mozart (pictured, right) were the original founders of the Tidy Trax label in 1995, using it as an outlet for their studio work, and over the years developed Tidy into a great hard house brand. It saw the duo form the Tidy Boys and embark on a DJ tour with performances at dance events across the world including Global Gathering, Creamfields, Gatecrasher, Planet Love, Escape In The Park, Colours Fest and many more.

The brand also established massive Tidy Weekender events and staged legendary events at Magna in Rotherham.

In 2006, the pair left Tidy and the Music Factory to pursue new challenges and move away from the dance industry. Pickles focused on U-Explore, the providers of innovative innovative software which engages with young people through cutting edge media and later became lead sponsor of Maltby Academy in Rotherham. Mozart went on to set up his own graphics design company.

In late 2012 the boys launched IDEAL, a new music and entertainment brand, and just over a year later, and after much discussion, speculation and negotiations, they have secured the Tidy brand. It comes after a number of attempts over the years.

The boys said in a statement: "Seen by many as the World's greatest Hard House brand, Tidy over the last few years has slowly slipped into hibernation, something that has happened due to natural causes and business circumstance. However as the people that gave birth to this loveable label, we realised that the brand that means so much to so many, had to come back.

"Tidy is more than just a label, it was and still is a way of life for so many, a passionate community who want to see it rise to its former glory and once again take centre stage within club land."

The plan is for the two brands, Tidy and IDEAL, to sit alongside each other, enabling the duo to provide a range of products to fans, from new music to classic tracks, and from big events to smaller, more random ones.

Based at Parkgate, The Music Factory Entertainment Group is a unique music and media company which began life in a terraced house in 1983 when chairman, John Pickles (Andy's dad), established a production facility and began licencing music around the world. Now occupying the whole street, it runs brands such as Mastermix, which provides specialist CDs to DJs, and Pure Energy, which supplies music specifically tailored for the fitness professional.

One of the Music Factory's biggest successes was Jive Bunny, which took the pop music world by storm in 1989 and secured three consecutive Number 1's and over 15 million record sales to date.

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