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News: SteelPhalt completes £2m Rotherham contract


Rotherham road surface specialist Steelphalt has completed work on a £2m contract to provide a new surface for the town's historic canal towpath.

From its plant at Templeborough, SteelPhalt specialises in the conversion of steel slag into a surface course for road making.

The waterway, which threads through the industrial heart of Rotherham to join the national canal network at Tinsley, is a popular route for walkers and cyclists, who will benefit from the improvements to the towpath completed by Rotherham Council and the Canal Board.

SteelPhalt provided its unique ColdBit recycled base course for the teams laying the new surface.

ColdBit, produced from recycled asphalt planings and complying fully with the requirements of Environment Agenda 21, was chosen because it proved easier and safer for contractors to move to the towpath site and also has the advantage of being a more environmentally friendly material.

Dean Raymnor, commercial manager at SteelPhalt, said: "Unlike hot mix basecourse materials, ColdBit does not become unusable when cold and therefore all the material is utilised, with no waste generated.

"ColdBit is easier and quicker to lay than hot mix materials and can be laid either by paver or by hand. And since there is no heat involved in laying the product, the risk of burns and fume inhalation is eliminated.

"Also, using recycled asphalt preserves the natural environment by conserving energy and reducing transportation, with Hot Plant emissions avoided altogether along with the need to quarry and landfill."

Steelphalt has been developing and manufacturing high performance asphalt products for the UK road making industry since the 1960s, sourcing slag cost-effectively from the surrounding steel industry and providing a sustainable way of making asphalt, with at least 95 per cent of the product the result of the recycling process.

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Lew July 11, 2014 at 2:39 PM  

How long did it take in total to complete this project?

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